Gender in Groundwater

CapNet has a short term attachment for 2010 - Women and Gender Mainstreaming in the Management of Water Resources. AGW-Net submitted a candidate to fill this attachment, and Ms Sinikiwe Dube was recruited to prepare "Gender in Groundwater" awareness posters. This work is ongoing (January 2011) and draft materials have been prepared. Please contact Sinikiwe Dube ( for further information. 

View the AGW-Net Gender Proposal

Below is a list of AGW-Net members who have expressed interest in the Gender in Groundwater initiative. Members are encourage to dialog amongst themselves (or on our discussion forum pages) to promote greater gender equity in groundwater and to identify the benefits of a balanced gender policy in water resources management. Joke Muylwijk and Esther de Jong are members of the Gender and Water Alliance.


Sinikiwe Dube

Muna Mirghani

Moustapha Diene

Joke Muylwijk

Esther de Jong

Amadou Roufaye

Barbara Lopi

Christine Colvin

Doreen Kirabo

Ndaka Madari

Maideyi Meck