Borehole Maintenance

Borehole Maintenance - an important priority for rural water supply security.

The Africa Groundwater Network has members across the continent and the network can be used as a vehicle to help to highlight and address the very serious issue of the lack of adequate borehole maintenance and the negative effect it has on, in particular, rural water supply delivery.

AGW-Net would like its membership to design a strategy to begin to address the issue of borehole pump maintenance with a view to helping reduce the percentage of borehole pumps that are not operational at any one time.

Members are invited to participate in this initiative by visiting our discussion forum and sending in information etc.

A number of valuable documents expressing various perspectives about borehole maintenance are listed to the right on this page. Many of these documents synthesize years of practical field experience from various NGO's and Aid Organizations and provide useful practical guidance. Please read these and submit your own comments and perspectives to the AGW-Net manager. 


AGW-Net - Borehole Maintenance