Advertizing with AGWNet

Are you selling any form of service or a product for groundwater development, management, exploration, quality protection, training, etc. Would you like to get your information across to an audience of over 140 groundwater professionals spread across sub-Saharan Africa? If you are interested, here are some of our circulation facts. 


Advertising in the Newsletter

Currently the newsletter is sent out approximately every 8 weeks to 136 subscribers, of which, around 45% open the email. 136 subscribers is a small group, but it is very targeted. This suggests that about 75 people read our newsletter. 

Advertising on the website

The website gets about 450 visits per month. This is a fairly small market for advertisers, but it is targeted. We get more visitors from Senegal and other African countries than an average website. We get a lot of traffic from general keywords like “groundwater management”. People visiting our site are from Africa, looking for information on groundwater management.


Conferences and Events specifically related to Groundwater Management in Africa could advertise on our site and newsletter.

Industry and Business that supports groundwater management may also be interested.

Are you interested in advertizing through AGW-Net? 

If you are interested in advertizing with AGWNet, please send the network manager a mail at We are just starting out and we appreciate your support, and your patience as we work out details of advertizing costs / charges etc. 

On the website

We would submit your advert to our website administrator, Black Square, and they would give you a quotation, and make various technical and artwork proposals.  

In the newsletter

This is more simple, and we could upload your advert directly into the newsletter. If technical assistance and artwork is needed, we would also submit your proofs to Black Square. The newsletter system will gives reports on who has clicked the advert, and we can pass this information on to you. 



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