2013 Steering Committee Elections

The 2013 SC Elections start on 1st November and voting continues to 25th November.


The AGW-Net Steering Committee has 8 vacancies due to the expiry of the terms of office of 8 existing steering committee members. Out of the 11 candidates, 8 will be voted in and take office in the steering committee from 1st January 2014.

The Steering Committee (SC) composition reflects the different regions in Africa and the membership distribution as follows: 

1 Francophone 

1 West Africa 

1 Northern Africa 

1 Nile / Eastern Africa 

1 Central Africa 


3 floating candidates 

Total 10.


The Network Manager and the member for North Africa are not up for election. The top 8 candidates will be elected to the SC, provided that the regions are represented as shown above. In this election, there are 6 regional seats and 2 floating seats. 


The CV's and manifestos for every candidate are available online at the following url on our web site: 



We urge you to vote wisely for the protect and development of groundwater in Africa.


The candidates and their election manifestos can be individually viewed here. Some manifestos will download (doc) and others will open in this window (pdf) 

Agbo - Togo

Anornu - Ghana

Chipofya - Malawi

Diene - Senegal

Eduvie - Nigeria

Nkhuwa - Zambia

Owen - Zimbabwe

Tenalem - Ethiopia

Tindimugaya - Uganda

Tsafack - Burundi

Villholth - South Africa  Villholth picture



The Network

The Africa Groundwater Network was established to increase awareness of the potential and value of groundwater across the continent and to contribute to capacity building in the groundwater sector in Africa. AGW-Net has become the meeting place for the African Groundwater Community, and is set to have a growing voice in the way that groundwater is managed and protected on the continent. 


Please read the following documents related to governance of the network:

Network Governance Guidelines

Steering Committee Meeting April 2009

Steering Committee Meeting November 2009

Network Progress Indicators 2009

Steering Committee Meeting August 2010

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes August 2017 Uganda 

Agenda SC meeting and SW-GW interaction workshop. 



Annual Reports

The annual reports and financial reports provide a snapshot of what the network has actually achieved from year to year. These reports are compiled by the network manager and submitted to the network steering committee and to CapNet at the end of each calendar year. CapNet will not provide new funds until the annual and financial reports have been submitted. 







Annual Workplans

The network manager and steering committee submits annual workplans to CAPNET at the annual CapNet managers meetings. These workplans provide a guide as to the network's objectives and hopes for the year. CapNet undertakes to provide upto 50% funding for these activities, provided the network can raise the balance in cash or kind. Network members are encouraged to come up with proposals and the network executive undertakes to assist with bringing suitable proposals to fruition.

AGW-Net and IWSD

The Institute of Water and Sanitation (IWSD) in Harare, Zimbabwe is an NGO involved in regional Capacity Building activities for the water sector. IWSD has a close relationship with Cap-Net and has agreed to act as the "host institution" for the Africa Groundwater Network, since both organizations are involved in capacity building in the water sector. All funds allocated to AGW-Net are deposited directly into the IWSD bank account, and forwarded to AGW-Net based on invoices submitted to cover AGW-Net costs.




Network Meetings

This is a roundup of meetings that our steering committee members have attended on AGW-Net business. These include World Water Week in Stockholm, Africa Water Week in Addis and EU-Splash meeting in Brussels. These reports showcase the activities of the network and indicate the role AGW-Net for the groundwater community in Africa.
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AGW-Net Elections 2013 - Candidate Registration Form.  

Aspiring Steering Committee candidates may download the Candidate Registration Form by clicking on this link.

Please complete in the Candidate Registration Form and return to richardo@yoafrica.com

All the completed forms will be available online during the Steering Committee Elections.