Short Courses in Professional Borehole Drilling Supervision
DATE: 19th March 2018      

Rural communities throughout SADC rely on groundwater for a potable water supply, while in urban areas, groundwater has become the principal source of water for many urban residents due to failure by municipalities to supply water to residents. As a result, groundwater development has increased and borehole drilling has grown exponentially in recent years, with the demand for, and the cost of boreholes escalating considerably.

The root causes for the increasing numbers of these poor boreholes are numerous limitations at both individual and institutional levels in context of the growth in demand cited above. These inadequacies are to a large extent related to limited technical and vocational capacity;

• to effectively locate adequate groundwater resources "short course 1"
• to professionally supervise borehole drilling, casing, capacity testing, pump fitting and data collection to ensure that adequate quality boreholes are installed "short course 2"
• to appreciate hydrogeological factors and to understand catchment water balances and the concept of sustainable groundwater yield "short course 3"
• to drill, install, operate, and to maintain borehole hardware and equipment "short course 4"
• to source and purchase appropriate borehole components and materials "short course 5"

In light of the foregoing the SADC-GMI, Africa Groundwater Network (AGW-NET), Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS) and WaterNet "the Consortium of Organisers", will be offering short course 2 entitled "Professional Borehole Drilling" at the IGS, University of Free State, South Africa. The course is part of a five module programme (Short Courses 1 to 5) to be offered by the Consortium of Organisers.


Applicants should send their curriculum vitae along with a completed application form to the organisers. Applications should be sent to The subject line of the email should be "Professional Borehole Drilling Supervision". The deadline for receiving of applications is the 30th of March 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by the 6th of April 2018.

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