41st International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress.
VENUE: Marrakech, Morroco
DATE: 15th September 2014      

The International Association of Hydrogeologists is holding its 41st Congress from 15th to 19th September in Marrakech, Morocco.

IAH and AGW-Net have already discussed this important event and we are working together to try and ensure a very strong African participation in this globally recognized groundwater congress. 

We are calling on our membership to prepare interesting African case histories to present either as papers or as posters to the IAH Congress. If there is enough support from African groundwater professionals, there is the possibility of a special session on African groundwater. The Congress theme is: Groundwater: Strategies and Challenges. This is an excellent opportunity to present your case histories and academic research where it will be heard by both the African and the global groundwater community. The issue of funding support has been raised in our discussions with IAH and it seems likely that there will be significant financial support to participate at IAH 2014 for those in our groundwater community who do prepare papers and presentations.    

AGW-Net is also considering to hold our 2014 annual Steering Committee meeting as a side event in Morocco - See you in Marrakech!