Past Events

DATE: 19th March 2018      
SADC-GMI, AGW-NET, IGS and WaterNet "the Consortium of Organisers", will be offering short courses on Professional Borehole Drilling Supervision from 23 - 27 April, 2018 in South Africa.
VENUE: University of Zambia
DATE: 11th July 2017      
Zambia School of Mine is hosting a conference from 11 to 13 July 2017. The theme is 'GEOLOGY, MINING, MINERAL AND GROUNDWATER RESOURCES OF SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD'.
VENUE: Cape Town, South Africa.
DATE: 27th August 2016      
IGC hosts its 35th Congress in South Africa.
VENUE: 6th Africa Water Week, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
DATE: 20th July 2016      TIME: 20th July 2016
This one day course on groundwater management for basin organizations coincides with the launching of the AGW-Net training manual on Transboundary Groundwater Management for African Basin Organizations
DATE: 2nd May 2015      TIME: 2nd May 2015
En Francais - Short Course on Groundwater Management for River Basin Organisations.
VENUE: Marrakech, Morroco
DATE: 15th September 2014      
IAH is holding its 2014 Congress in Africa, and it is keen to have a very strong African participation in this globally important event.
VENUE: Africa
DATE: 31st December 2013      
The 2013 AGW-Net SC Elections are now upon us. Please follow this link for more information!
VENUE: Venue: Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa
DATE: 23rd September 2013      TIME: 23rd September 2013
The course provides both a theoretical framework for Groundwater Management by River Basin Organizations as well as practical tools for water balance and water quality management from case studies.
VENUE: Bujumbura, Burundi
DATE: 10th April 2013      
AGW-Net 5th Steering Committee Meeting held successfully in Burundi.
VENUE: Costa Rica
DATE: 12th November 2012      
The annual CapNet managers meeting brings together network managers from around the world
VENUE: Cairo Egypt.
DATE: 21st May 2012      
AGW-Net participates in Africa Water Week.
VENUE: Lusaka, Zambia
DATE: 26th March 2012      TIME: 26th March 2012
AGW-Net and the School of Mines, University of Zambia, will hold a short course on Groundwater Management in IWRM from 26th to 30th March 2012. The course will include a field excursion.
DATE: 31st December 2011      
AGW-Net is holding elections for executive committee positions, which includes the position of network manager and up to 8 steering committee members representing the different regions of Africa. Memb
VENUE: The Internet -
DATE: 31st December 2011      
Africa Groundwater Network has launched its new improved web site. The site has expanded access to AGW-Net materials, news and events & will be updated regularly. New members can easily sign-up online.
VENUE: CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria, South Africa
DATE: 19th September 2011      
The Groundwater Division of the Geological Society of South Africa in association with the International Association of Hydrogeologists is hosting their biennial conference from 19-21 September.
VENUE: Johannesburg, South Africa
DATE: 18th July 2011      TIME: 18th July 2011
This course is hosted by WaterNet and AGW-Net at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wits University. The course combines Groundwater Management in IWRM and IWRM for River Basin Organization courses.
VENUE: Institute of Water and Sanitation Development, Harare, Zimbabwe
DATE: 27th June 2011      TIME: 27th June 2011
This new course explores the nexus between WASH and groundwater management.
VENUE: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
DATE: 8th November 2010      
Africa Water Week in Addis Ababa - AGW-Net is well represented and our representatives meet the chair of the Africa Groundwater Commission.
VENUE: Bruxelles Belgium
DATE: 14th October 2010      TIME: 14th October 2010
Splash - the European facility for promoting water research and capacity building - holds its annual funding meeting.
VENUE: Stockholm
DATE: 6th September 2010      
AGW-Net was represented at World Water Week in Stockholm September 2010 by two steering committee members.