AGW-Net launches new website
VENUE: The Internet -
DATE: 31st December 2011      

Africa Groundwater Network has now launched its new web-site which is far more functional than the old web site. The network manager is able to update the site and therefore can add new events, disseminate news on behalf of the membership, add new materials, etc. 

The web-site can provide a service that is available to our members and you are encouraged to use it. The site can be used as a means to disseminate groundwater news, advertize groundwater and related events, initiate projects and activities, develop awareness and expand capacity development. We will flight links to announcements of relevant events, courses, meetings as well as adding links to the web-sites of our partner networks and institutions that support us. We intend to add useful technical and capacity building material to the web site, such as our training manual and power point presentations. We will also provide links to other useful technical information that is available on the internet. We aim to become a useful resource site for our members. 

Members and any interested party can browse our membership list, search the list by country and by area of interest, thus providing a valuable resource for any organization looking for professional groundwater expertize in Africa.

AGW-Net will also be willing to add links to commercial web sites based on mutual interest.